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At long last we found a new home. After searching all over the region, our new house is an exact replica of our old one and only a 5 minute walk away. Check out “Lauren Reporting Live” for news about our first visitor.

This morning after we tucked the Pixenheimer off to school, Gary and I decided to go on an outing in quest of a bag of soil and a chain we need for security purposes (more on security in a future post).  On our way, we stopped at a farmers’ market and bought mangoes still warm from the sun, a watermelon, and several avocados.  A motorcycle whizzed by loaded down with three bareheaded people and a surfboard, and I cringed as I aIways do waiting for sounds of wreckage, but it didn’t come.  We meandered on our way and wound up an hour or so later at the Do It Center, a large, Home Depot style store except that it was loaded with available employees, all of them eager to practice their English and show us around.  

Gary and I have logged some time at hardware stores and are pretty familiar with prices in the U.S., so we took a good look to see how things compare.  What fascinates both of us about the high prices here is that the average wage for unskilled labor is about $2 an hour.  Those workers would have to work a day and a half just to buy a muffin tin, and we can’t work out how they are getting by.  Probably without muffins.

*That high chair?  US$88

On Friday Lauren hosted another slumber party after surf club. This time four girls, no boys. One of the girls came with nothing but a bathing suit, not even shoes because she came straight from the beach and what else does a 9 year old need at the beach? Another arrived with just her school uniform. The overnight had been negotiated over lunch and who takes overnight things to school? With no malls, bowling alleys, movie theatres, skating rinks, or paint-your-own-pottery outlets, overnights are the entertainment of choice for the Country Day School kids. They happen all the time. As I watched these girls leap from one slippery surface to another, do flips into a shallow pool off a wall, and run over rocks and debris in bare feel, I couldn’t help thinking about a charming 7 year old Canadian we met recently who had a story to tell. She and her sister were twirling and dancing around their living room, and in her exuberance, she banged her head on a marble pillar, then fell backward, slamming her head on the tile floor, after which point she began to seizure. Telling me the story, she looked at me with wide eyes and said, “Its a long way to the hospital.” And it is. Over an hour. In this place which is rife with venomous snakes, traffic near-misses, and inexplicable holes in the sidewalks, its an observation to keep in mind. The Canadian? She’s fine. She got McDonalds in Liberia after the hospital, and her younger sister is now twirling an dancing right next to the marble pillar because she knows, of course, that McDonalds is also only an hour away.
On our trip into Santa Cruz, we loaded up on produce. They had great prices and lots of fruits and vegetables we had never seen before.
Nothing says unwind at the end of the day like a robust glass of Walmart red, sold by the box with the convenient screw top lid. On our latest excursion to Santa Cruz, we discovered the MaxiPali, a brand new grocery and general store purportedly owned by Walmart. We stocked up on all sorts of staples, some at a third of the price we pay here in Tamarido although not without the realization that in so doing we are helping Walmart to eat the world.

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