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Leaving my husband and child to fend for themselves (...will they starve?...) Carol and I boarded a bus to the Arenal Volcano in Alajuela Province about four hours northeast but a world away in landscape and climate.  Surrounded by mountainous pasture land and rain forests, the massive volcano towers above a sparkling blue lake that spans 33 miles and goes 200 feet deep.

We arrived in La Fortuna, a small but vibrant town which feels far more affluent than our home base of Tamarindo.  After a quick lunch, we headed off to hike the spectacular canyon  and swim in the crystal pool at the base of a waterfall which plunges 200 feet through dense foliage.  My first glimpse of that majestic cascade took my breath away; its thunderous noise commands full attention and awe.  Costa Rica offers constant reminders of the power and spectacle of nature.

We celebrated Mardi Gras early this yeat because my friend Carol booked a crazy excursion that had the two of us departing early Tuesday morning.
I stand at the western edge of the prairie, and the Wells Fargo Wagon just pulled around the bend! My good friend Carol has arrived bearing gifts from the civilized territories: glue sticks, sticky notes, herbs and spices, a bottle of wine, chocolate (!), nuts, shampoos and lotions, and most coveted of all... real maple syrup. The bounty prompted a treasure hunt, dancing, feasting and song. Go ahead and click on the youtube link - You won't get the song out of your head. Try it.

Last night as we sat down to dinner  -- beans, rice, avocados, and my first attempt at home made tortillas, we decided to open all the doors to get some cross ventilation.   Minutes later, three bats flew in through the front door.  I immediately grabbed the rough sawn two by four that we use as added security at our back sliding door and started swinging wildly to keep the bats from dive bombing my hair.  Gary ran to open the sliding screen doors so the bats would have a way out.  One bat immediately exited, and then two more came in.  They were getting hit occasionally by the ceiling fan and flying around turbulently.  Lauren, meanwhile, placidly continued chowing down, entertained by all the shenanigans.  Sorry, bat photo not available.

Take a look at the food blog later today for a how-not-to.  I’ll get the hang of it soon.

A matapalo is a tree inside a tree. The massive one near our house was covered in monkeys this morning when I walked home from Spanish class.

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