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The rains have come and with that the bugs. Big ones, fast ones, flying ones, and most of all stingy ones - Lots of stingy, biting, blood sucking ones. I feel like I am being eaten alive. These guys can move just about anything they want
Naomi who is also in 4th grade got to spend the night. She is from Belgium, lives in Costa Rica and speaks Dutch, Spanish and English. I asked how they really make a Belgium Waffle and I got the whole scoop.
Lauren creates her first Rube Goldberg Machine for class. We got an "A"
School is winding down, as is our time here in CR. Lauren took home the Math Award and Music Award for excellence in the 4th Grade.
Near the end of the last basketball game of the year Lauren finally gets the ball and puts it in for 2 points. She was quite excited to say the least. I mean REALLY EXCITED!!!!!!

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Gary's Blog One Last Look Saw the last sunset of our stay tonight.Amazing post...

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Green, or common, iguanas are among the largest lizards in the Americas, averaging around 6.5 feet ...