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we discovered that our keys were still in Nicaragua. Our bus left us at the Hotel Guanacaste at about 4 p.m. where our car was parked, and we were ready to go home. As the grim reality of our predicament descended upon us, we started evaluating options. Many different services promised to make us a key, one guy arriving on foot with a few wires and a hammer. Well after nightfall we finally checked into the "hotel" for the night and started again in the morning. Eventually we were directed to a locksmith "500 m east and 200 m north of here," which is the Costa Rican method for describing an address. On the upside, the situation offered an excellent opportunity to practice our Spanish as none of the service purveyors spoke English.

meredith wiser 01.06.2013 17:23

Oh my gosh! You guys are amazing

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