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For over three months, its been hot and sunny, and for over three months, I’ve wanted a bag of clothespins so I could hang out my wash. I forgot to pack them when we came down in January, and I forgot them again when we went back last month. When my friend Carolee came to visit, she brought me some. At last, I hung up my wash. And then it rained. Buckets.
...a tourist seeks a vendor on the beach. Our friends Carolee, Clay, and Benjamin arrived on Sunday for a visit, and Carolee instantly demonstrated her skill as a magnet for all vendors great and small. They instinctively gravitate to her big open heart (or maybe its the big blond hair). If I turn my back for a minute, I find her surrounded by salespeople hawking everything from ear rings to cigars. She listens attentively to each pitch, examines their wares with respect, and usually pulls out the cash. Then more vendors come. Yesterday she had us all combing the beach at 5 p.m. looking for Mauricio, a vendor she had met the day before. At the time, she didn’t want to haul his pottery all over Tamarindo, so she promised she’d meet him on Wednesday and make a purchase. True to her word, she returned at the appointed time, but alas, Mauricio didn’t turn up til Thursday morning, delighted, of course, to seal the deal which, he had to be thinking, was against all odds.
April 11th is Juan Santamaria Day, celebrated with time off from the grinding Costa Rica schedule. Peeking through a chain link fence, we were treated to an unexpected traditional folkloric dance at a local school.
Bleary eyed, we stumbled back to Tamarindo after a miserably long journey via Miami from California to Costa Rica. Lauren was fresh as a daisy and ready for dinner upon arrival. Luckily, our friends Richard and Terri were here for a visit and volunteered to take the Pix out while I dozed off in mid sentence. When they returned, they discovered that their rental had been broken into and a number of electronics, shoes, and even T-shirts had been robbed.

Gary mends commerical washers, addresses plumbing issues, welds the tractor back together, fixes a deck, motivates employees, disks the orchard, collects overdue rents and looks good doing it.  What a catch!  We loved seeing our friends again and the feeling of being home, and all too soon it was time to say goodbye.

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