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In full bloom, Lake County, California looks spectacular. It feels great to be home.
Heading north on I-5 to check on the businesses we’ve been running remotely for 3 months, not sure of what we’ll find, hoping for the best.
I ate my weight in chocolate and jelly beans after the long candy drought I’ve endured in Costa Rica, where its just too hot to ingest the volumes of sugar I subject myself to in the U.S. Lauren took a first place award in the Easter bonnet parade on Saturday having transformed a Fedex box and a pie tin into an artistic masterpiece. We all enjoyed Pastor Bruce at the Lutheran Church in the Foothills, and I have to mention that those church ladies know how to put on a spread -- very impressive, and their excellent egg hunt increased our family’s candy haul to near toxic levels. Well done!

From Houston, I headed north to snowy Kansas City to see my sweet mom.  Alas, no coat.  Gary and Lauren went west to see our other favorite grandma and bask in the LA sunshine.

Hanging out at the pool at the Airport Hilton in Liberia, we met 3 people so beautiful that they had to be flight attendants. And as they say, its not what you know, its who you know. The next day, Gary and I heard Lauren’s voice on the loud speaker as we stowed our bags on the plane. The captain had recruited her to do the “welcome aboard” announcement over the plane’s intercom. Morgan, Scott, and Taylor, the young and beautiful flight attendants, made sure we had plenty of snacks for the next leg of our trip. Scott even gave Lauren vintage style wings, not the sticky ones most airlines try to pass off on kids these days. Thanks, guys. You rock!

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