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Today we'll begin a long journey home.  We've packed several suitcases with items we can leave in the United States, and when we return after Easter, we'll reload those cases with all the stuff we miss -- peanut butter, our favorite cereals, rubber bands and really good construction paper.  Gary and Lauren will go straight to LA to visit Gary's wonderful mother, and I'll head to Kansas City to see my own mom.  Then we'll all meet up for Easter and head north to the Bay Area and eventually to Lake County, Californa.  We have a lot to do and hope to reconnect with friends we haven't seen since our adventure began in January.  If and when we finally leave Costa Rica, clearly it will be a struggle to say goodbye.

This morning I walked the world’s largest labyrinth and undoubtedly its most beautiful.  On a dirt road just outside Santa Rosa, we turned into a ranch and walked the long trail that leads to a masterfully designed labyrinth which celebrates male and female energy and seems to embody wisdom and spiritual enlightenment from every culture, every religion, and every perspective.  Wordlessly, I wandered with two new friends through paths outlined in cacti while sounds of nature overwhelmed my senses.  Monkeys and birds sang from tree tops, butterflies danced in the air, and 5 beautiful dogs meandered through the walkways with us.  A mountain towered behind us, adding a majesty and perspective that crowned the experience.  We took in our walk early in the morning, before it got too hot, and I felt that elusive, powerful connection to a higher, loving presence in whom I can trust and who is larger and stronger than my temporary worldly concerns.

Tonight at 5, with dinner almost ready to serve, we decided instead to walk to the beach and watch the sunset. I put the chicken back in the fridge and the gingered carrots on the counter and we walked out the door leaving a mess behind. Once outside, Lauren ran ahead in pursuit of two cows who had escaped a nearby pasture and were no doubt startled by her determination. We were all showered in dust as the breeze kicked up on the dirt road, and the smell of smoke was in the air from a distant fire. Two trees we passed overflowed with monkeys -- one with delicate spiders, the other with mightier howlers as we made our way. On the beach, Lauren rolled down sand dunes to the edge of the ocean where foam slowly soaked her shorts and t-shirt until all hope of cleanliness and comfort was abandoned and she plunged in full bore. After the sunset we wandered to the nearby Pescador for a beer and a smoothie, our toes in the sand beneath our table. Lauren joined a pick up game of tag with kids from Canada while Gary and I watched, the sky pink and streaky in the background. Eventually we decided to order a couple of burgers and some mac - n - cheese. We stayed until the fire dancers came, and then the bonfire lit up, and the guitar player crooned and only our cognizance that the new day would start early compelled us to leave.

This morning as Lauren was getting ready to board the school bus, a bird soared through the air with an iguana in its beak.  The bird crashed into our gate, the iguana fell, and Lauren’s head missed being hit by a fraction of an inch.  The iguana lay stunned on the ground for several minutes and then dashed out of sight, safe for another day.

Last night Lauren’s friend, Tiago, celebrated his 10th birthday.  Tiago’s first language is Portuguese, and he is learing Spanish and English here in Costa Rica.  At the party, I chatted with his parents who are from Brazil and met new friends from Spain, Israel, Croatia and Argentina.  Everyone I talked to was interesting and has a story waiting to be told.

The temperature of the air was perfect outside and a tropical breeze kept bugs away. When we arrived home, a small black animal scurried through our front gate that looked a lot like a skunk but didn’t have the tell tale white stripes.  He ran straight toward our front door, so we gave the little guy a wide berth and quite a bit of time.   When we finally made it inside, we googled his description and determined that our visitor was a “hooded skunk.”  They’re pretty to look at, and no harm done.  Another beautiful night in Costa Rica.

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