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Got 2 rafts at the Auto Mercado. Yes, Cheddar will cost you 10 bucks, Peanut Butter will cost you 10 bucks, and Cracklin' Oat Brand with cost you 10 bucks, but these pool tanning machines were only $4.80, and no extra charge for the neon. Wait until I tell you about my glasses. Let me just say that in the USA it would take about 85 jars of peanut butter, here in Costa Rica, only about 27 boxes of Cracklin' Oat Bran for the glasses, and 1 block of Cheddar for the exam, but that's another story. I have pictures.

Rebecca 20.02.2013 04:04

If a cup of coffee costs $8 then that's what you pay, you just have to pony up.

Rebecca 20.02.2013 04:03

My dad always said 'When in Rome', essentially meaning u can't complain about prices when u go somewhere, u just have to take it in stride.

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