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Laurens new friends have a surprise for her. A little tour, some wings and the next thing we know she is greeting the passengers over the loudspeaker as Nancy and I take our seats. Food and drinks mysteriously find there way to us throughout the flight
We fly out of Liberia, but Liberia Airport has no long term parking. About a week ago I meet a guy at a pizza place that has the solution. "Just go to the Alamo Car Rental lot" he says, "You can park there for 5 bucks a day." Sounds very Costa Rica like, so we give it a try. It works, they tell us to park over on the dirt by the tree. There is no paper work, no form to sign, no guy in an offical uniform, so lock it up, keep the keys and take a picture of all four sides of the car...just in case. Off to the airport, Lauren snags the front seat right next to the shuttle driver - who does that? Lauren is excited to see the flight attendants because she met them the night before at the Hilton.
Our last night in Tamarindo. Tomorrow we go the the Hilton, spend the night, and take a 6am flight to Houston. From there Nancy goes to Kansas City, while Lauren & I head to Los Angeles. We will meet up for Easter, then rent a car and head up North to check on our house, business, & rentals. Our car batteries will be quite dead by now.
On Wednesday we walked down to the beach for sunset after Lauren got home from Basketball. Had some dinner ready to go at home, but then this guy from a beach side restaurant started playing on the sand. Yes, ended up staying on the beach and had dinner out.
OK, you guys all remember Bob Barker, or if you are a little younger Drew Carey? Both were hosts of the Price is Right. Well, this is the pricing game. We were out of basics this morning and I raced down to the Auto Mercado. Here is what I got: 1 gallon whole milk, 3/4 pound smoked turkey breast fom the deli, and 1 loaf of bread (kind of like a sliced sour dough). WHAT DID I PAY? - Please click comment and tell me. The closest guess might just get a bag of fresh Costa Rica coffee beans. Costa Rica Expats not eligible.

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Gary's Blog One Last Look Saw the last sunset of our stay tonight.Amazing post...

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