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I love Carl Hiaasen books. I've got a few more for the remaining time in Costa Rica. We also fill up 3 suit cases with food, cereal, Bob's Blue Cheese, (which makes it thru customs), I get my iphone fixed, buy an ipad mini ( I tell Nancy it will help us blog better and faster, but I don't think she buys it) - Lauren loves it. We pick up some new shoes, some shorts & tops, and pool toys. We decide that Costa Rica is BEAUTIFUL, but the United States is COMFORTABLE. We fly out on the the 8th thru Miami on another red eye.
After Easter we all head up to Lake County. We rent a car in Burbank, drive to SF. Find both cars with completely dead batteries. Lucky for me the tractor which has sat twice as long starts right up and off we go to disk the walnuts. Sometime later the disker breaks and it takes several hours to fix, bolt and weld back together. The field gets done and we have a ton of stuff to do and only about 4 days left before we go back to Costa Rica. Lauren has already missed a week of school and we learn that a schoolmate from 3rd grade has suddenly died from complications of a burst appendicitis.
Every year we visit Grandma Roz and every year we go to the park on Saturday where the Easter Parade is held. Lauren makes a hat
Guess we're back in the USA. Gotta' love it.
Houston we have a problem..... A different kind of sea awaits. We leave Costa Rica and travel to the USA for our required 90 day exit and re-entry visa. Plan to see the Grandmas, the Easter Bunny and lots of mail. Didn't expect this sea of people at customs in Houston, and I guess they did not expect to see us as only 2 lines where open.

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Green, or common, iguanas are among the largest lizards in the Americas, averaging around 6.5 feet ...