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Nancy's Bithday. We go to Bamboo Sushi in Tamarindo. We are there from 5:30 to 6:30. We are the only people there the entire time. The surfer dudes and dudettes are still hours from coming out - they will start at about 10pm - we will be in bed
It surf club. Really bad winds. Surf is low. Water is cold - about 10 degrees lower. Instructors in wetsuits. Gary & Nancy cancel lesson using a lame excuse, but both know it's because of the COLD water.
Lauren plays in her first basketball game. She nervous as a cat. The Pirates lose to the best team from Liberia. Word on the street is that they have a paid coach. We get to the game about noon and find that almost everyone is out of class. Seems that it is such a big deal to get a school to come out and play that everything just shuts down on basketball and swim meet days.
We venture out to Playa Nacascolo again today. We make it and what a find! A white sand beach with nobody there. You park in a guarded lot and a mini shuttle takes you through the grounds of the Four Seasons Resort to the beach. Very nice. We made reservations at the Four Seasons for lunch, just so we could drive back in and see the place. Security at the main gate was, well secure, but the lunch trick seemed to work. They don't just let anyone with flip flops and a car mingle with their guests. But we stayed too long at the beach and did not have time to grace the Four Seasons with our presence. Lucky for us because we stopped at the local marina right next to Playa Nacascolo and this is what we got. A cheese burger with as much mayo, mustard, and ketchup as you wanted. Lettuce, tomato & PICKLE!. Fries, salt - well I could go on & on. Suffice to say that I've had a little to many rice and bean lunches, so this was treat. i know you probably want to see pictures of the beach, but an American style burger after 10 weeks took the prize. See the photos page for pixs of Playa Nacascolo.
Nancy takes some time off in the new house. Today is her birthday. Happy Birthday to Nancy who makes me so happy. We'll go see Laurens first basketball game today, then surf club and finally a lower school overnight, but Lauren is not sure if she is going to go. to that. Tomorrow is the school's family beach day.

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