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Hi, Mr Grasshopper. i'm Barbie, Wow you are quite large. So what are you doing inside the house on this curtain....When we got him outside and Nancy out from under the table, Mr Grasshopper flew just like a bird about 100 yards to a tree and up about 60 feet.
If you are still looking for a house, I think I've got something. No, the roads is pretty good, but do you have a 4 wheel drive? No? Well, take a look anyway, I'll get you the directions.
Lauren talks to her friend Audrey. Skype us at nancy.brier1
Hey, You want to open a fish shop? Yeah, but where? Lets put it on the way to Coco Beach. Ok, Is there a shop to rent? No, but we’ll just get 2 refrigerated truck trailers, put glass doors on one and put it in my front yard. Ok, maybe we can put up a big sign. And lets put a ramp up so it will be ADA compliant. Yeah. - Had grilled Parriot fish for dinner & it was good.
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Hi,These are some photos I took. I like to take Self Portraits. I will be taking more pictures of Costa Rica. Thank for your selfy. --

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Gary's Blog One Last Look Saw the last sunset of our stay tonight.Amazing post...

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Green, or common, iguanas are among the largest lizards in the Americas, averaging around 6.5 feet ...