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On the day we arrived I flipped on the TV and instantly found NBC out of Miami. Wow, I thought we must get all the networks in English - I won’t miss the exciting conclusion to “The Biggest Loser” but it took until Super Bowl Sunday to come across CBS out of Miami. Then quite by accident I found ABC this morning. Perfect - I had hit the Trifecta! Why so hard? Well, there are about 150 whole numbers on the TV, then in between you have 122.15, 122.16, 122.17 - you get the idea so it is actually quite a bit more with no electronic guide. Besides we always seemed to be doing something better than watching TV, so I never really flipped through each channel. But now, we’re cookin’ up lots of buttered popcorn and getting ready for “The Biggest Loser”- Tonight on NBC. Can’t wait!
Hey, there’s going to be a festival in Huacas tonight - Great, lets put some lights over the highway to tell everyone. Yeah, I’ve got a 20ft ladder that we can put right in the middle of the highway. Good idea. Let’s wait until it’s dark. Yeah. Think it will be safe. Yeah.
Lauren ended up in our bed last night...Let me explain. The Seeping Beauty play got changed to The Wizard of OZ, but practice was moved to Wednesday and Friday. Friday is Surf Camp with Ms Kristen. "Houston we have a problem" Lauren loves Surf Camp, and Ms. Kristen (who wouldn’t - she rides a motorcycle and wears a pink helmet), but Paul called (the director) and wants Lauren to try out for Dorothy. Still on board? But Lauren has never seen The Wizard of OZ, so we buy it on iTunes, download it (It took 8 hours), transfer it to our iPod for viewing on the TV. But the HD version that I download would not load on our iPod, because of course, it is HD. I promptly set up a chat with the folks at iTunes to get my $14.99 refunded (which they did) and redownloaded the non HD version which took only 3 hours. Now about Lauren in our bed. So we watch the movie last night and, of course, the wicked witch scared the bejesus out of her and when it was time to go to get the idea. Lauren tries out today for the part, but she has to decide between the Yellow Brick Road or the Deep Blue Curl.
We had a glass jar of Tang when I was growing up. Mix it with water and you were just like the Astronauts. Tang is alive and well at every store I've seen and it comes in lots of favors. About 50 cents a pack
Lauren rips it up at her first after school surf lesson. We make it back it time (see post below) and get to surf camp on time. Now she wants a surf board........There are more photos on my photo page.

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