Country Day School

Day before School Starts - Checking In
Ope Air Cafeteria
Lower School Courtyard
Gym and Recess
Lauren's 4th Grade Schedule - Click to enlarge
PE Uniform - Short and T-shirt
Getting on the Bus
Lower School Courtyard
School Bus Picking Me Up
The most important schedule of all. Once a week, Lauren is allowed to chose one hot lunch. It costs 2800 Colones - about $5
Entrance to Country Day Lower School
Lauren's School Bus. Each Seat Has its own AC!
Lauren Models Her Uniform
Snacks For Sale. Bebidas Too!
School Grounds
Lauren's After School Schedule - She picked "Cooking in Spanish", "Synchronized Swimming" and "Surf Club"

Spanish Class Requires a Poster for a Project

Buying the poster board

Lauren needed to make a poster for Spanish class.  Not normally a problem, but where to get a poster board?  At the School Supply Store of course.  Below is a video of the trip there.  It took a while to find and you can see why.  We were looking for something like a Rite-Aid.

To Learn more

Country Day School Website

Linda PetersS 18.08.2017 00:04

I am very happy with my daughter, very beautifully my daughter.Thank you.

Jim Kemp 25.01.2013 17:00

Your school is like a Hilton Hotel. You will have memories for life of this great adventure. Keep sending.

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