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A beautiful experience
I wanted to spend the whole day on the "Sustainability Tour" but got peer pressured into joining the water slide ride carved into the jungle and white knuckling my way through a massive series of zip lines that left my hands trembling. After a beautiful lunch, we ventured deeper into the forrest to drench ourselves in hot mud then take baths in steaming volcano fed pools while monkeys frolicked overhead. As school field trips go, it was the biz. And nobody had to sign a waiver, not even the crazy ones who flew upside down., raccoon, ant eater, monkey. They're piscotes, and we saw them on the ground and in the trees near Ricon de la Vieja about two hours from us in the cool rain forrest.
Lauren's class took a "sustainability tour" at an eco resort not far from us, and we learned how green waste from their kitchen is collected in a system that captures the methane gas it produces. The gas is converted into fuel for cooking, and the remaining compost is used as fertilizer for crops grown on-site. Cooking oils are recycled and used to create dish soap, body washes, and shampoos. It was low tech and ingenious, like so many things we've seen in Costa Rica.
Where will we celebrate his birthday next year?

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