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Time to Say Goodbye

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Tomorrow we are on our way home. Can't believe 6 months went by so fast. We will miss it. Will we come back? Who knows!!!!!!
Sugar Beach
Our House Backyard
Flamingo Beach
Lauren's First Day

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RPM Rental Property Management calls us and says the house we moved into, and have yet unpacked in, has been sold and we have to move. Check Nancy's Blog for more on this. To say the least, at High Season this situation is a bummer.
Bus picks up Lauren in front of our house st 6:53, not 6:52, not 6:54 and drops her off at 3:15 exactly. It's the most reliable thing in the whole country.
Tuesday and Lauren starts her first day at school. We're all a bit nervous, and we tell her if she makes it through the day, we will get Ben & Jerry's ice cream--the one and only time since it is 10 bucks a pint here at the American style Auto Mercado. She makes it just fine, and we are out 10 bucks. The local inc cream "Dos Pinos" is really good. Food is expensive and choices are limited. See our food page for more info.
Leaving Upper Lake
Car is Packed -Not an Inch to Spare
Nine Suitcases Total
Check In at Midnight
Unpacking in Tamarindo - What a Mess

Monday, May 27th, 2013

 Video of the Day.......

or maybe two or three :)

Granada, Nicarague. The Chocolate Class that Nancy has been talking about


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Nancy will probably write all kinds of stuff and Gary will slide by by trying to post pictures.  Lauren will report "Live" on video.

Cows on the Road to the Beach
Airborne on Tamarindo
Power Pole Down
Sky is Blue

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Shells on Tamarindo
The parrot at Bula Bula
Sand Surfing - Playa Grande


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Gary, Nancy & Lauren

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