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Contest Rules: 1. In a nod to our adopted culture, judges will entertain enticements. PM me for suggestions. 2. Write your caption in the comments section 3. Glamorous prizes could include a bottle of Linzano sauce, some Costa Rican coffee, or a cold beer depending on your location and how amusing your caption is. 4. Enter as many times as you want.

Joe and Kate Brier 02.06.2013 05:44

Limited Edition Gary-delli Chocolate.

Lauren 01.06.2013 19:18

Beans, beans, a tropical fruit...

Pat 01.06.2013 01:39

Let see was it stir clockwise or counterclockwise, am I to whip it crap how do I whip it with this poker thingy damn hope I don't screw this up it's our dinner

Richard 29.05.2013 18:09

Dressed in the fashion of the Maya, the ancient chocolatier demonstrates the proper technique for boiling cinder blocks to release the chocolate beans inside...

Brian Swaney 28.05.2013 04:55

UMPA UMPA UMPA DEE DOO........... Greetings from Willy Wonka's retirement homes.

Brian Swaney 28.05.2013 04:40

I asked for a hot Costa Rican working a pole. They give me......Gary, sweating over a hot bowl of beans. Nice. Real nice.

Brian Swaney 28.05.2013 04:16

In an effort to curb his insatiable appetite for the local food and maintain his girlish figure Gary whips up a batch of chocolate laxatives.

Andy 28.05.2013 04:10

This Costa Rican Jiffy pop takes long but it is worth it

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